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Proven Solutions to Improve Soil and Plant Health




Microbial Root-Zone Inoculant


Transplants arrive in sterile soil that is vulnerable to invasion by pathogenic microbes after planting.
Why not protect the transplants with a preplant dip or at-planting inoculation of ACE to ensure a safe start?
ACE is a cost-effective, liquid root-zone inoculant containing beneficial plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR). PGPR work in concert to improve growing conditions in the root zone, are an important component of the plant’s natural defenses, and are a useful tool in Integrated Pest Management. PGPR contribute to a mutually beneficial plant-microbe interaction that can enhance plant growth, soil health, and plant productivity.


ACE contains:


Bacillus Megaterium (CFU/CC: 2.1E+09)

Bacillus Megaterium is a well known PGPR that is shown to colonize the rhizosphere quickly and efficiently after application, leading to improved richness of bacterial and fungal communities in the soil. Bacillus Megaterium has been shown to improve the bioavailability of soil P and K while triggering systemic resistance in plants against unwanted stress-causing biotic agents.


Bacillus Subtilis (CFU/CC: 2.0E+07)
Bacillus Subtilis is a key player in soil health and plant growth. It can help plants tolerate biotic and abiotic stress by producing lipopeptides, biofilm formation, and induced systemic resistance. Bacillus Subtilis can also help solubilize soil P and K and enhance nitrogen fixation. It has been shown to produce siderophores that promote its growth, leaving

little room for growth of pathogens.


Recommended Applications:

  • Drench to nursery flat, trays or pots

  • Transplant root dip for new plantings

  • At-planting drench in the transplant water

  • Post-planting drip injection

  • Post-fumigation inoculation of soil





Since ACE is only applied to the areas treated, application costs are significantly reduced.

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